Track of the Week #14 – Heck ‘Good As Dead’

Noise boys Heck (formerly Baby Godzilla, until the copyright police came unnecessarily calling) have shown that talent doesn’t always have to take itself seriously in their new video for ‘Good As Dead’.

Taken from their brand new album ‘Instructions’, the song in an expert clusterfuck of math technicality, crushing hardcore riffing and furious screams that all comes together like a glorious sandwich of noise.
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Track of the Week #12 – Tigress ‘Lost’

for some reason the other night I decided it’d be a real good idea to have coffee around midnight. Luckily it meant I stayed up listening to Maximum Rocknroll Radio – great show if you’ve not heard its – where they spun this tune. Through the foggy, coffee haze, this song jumped out at me so I had to look it up.

After trawling through the internet I can’t find much about Tigress, other than the fact they have a bandcamp.

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Track of the Week #11 – Naðra (Nadra) ‘Fjallið’

The shitty weather makes it a lot easier to put on moody, intense black metal while you still waiting for your train in the morning.

There was a day last year, somewhere around the zenith of summer where it was unrealistically hot for London and I tried to listen to Electric Wizard’s ‘Black Mass’ (admittedly not black metal, but we’re talking atmosphere here). The sky was bluer than a Disney genie and it was hot enough cook a quick fish finger sandwich on the pavement. Everything about the experience felt wrong.

But as I say, the sun’s gone away for a bit now. So out comes the dark, moody, visceral music. Something Naðra (Nadra) are pretty incredible at.
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Track of the Week #7 – Skreamer ‘Let ‘Em Burn’

Having returned from a big line up change, it looks like these London lads are gearing up for a new album. Based on their latest video for ‘Let ‘Em Burn’, which is packed with some of the most crushing riffs I’ve heard for weeks and an intensity that I can only imagine could shatter a room live, I’ve got high hopes for the record.

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Track of the Week #5 – Turbowolf ‘Rich Gift’

Bristolian psych-metalers Turbowolf launched their new track yesterday over on Noisey, offering another taste of things to come on their second album ‘Two Hands’, due April 6th on Search and Destroy. Been a fan of the band’s fuzzed-out rhythmic style since their Big Cut EP, and it’s great to see they’re continuing to push it forward. The new track ‘Rich gift’ sees them delve into … Continue reading Track of the Week #5 – Turbowolf ‘Rich Gift’