This Artist’s Deconstructed Doll Sculptures Are The Macabre Centrepiece Your Home’s Missing

At some time in our lives, we’ve all stayed in an unfamiliar house and found ourselves creeped out by a doll sitting in the corner. It’s not their fault. Dolls are just inherently creepy.

Just look at the Anabelle doll in The Conjuring. That was the only legitimately disturbing thing in that film, and it wasn’t even as bad as the real life doll.

So it’s lucky there’s artists out there looking for new, creative ways to continue dolls’ longstanding reign of terror.

Stijn De Pourcq's 'God Is Watching You'
Stijn De Pourcq’s ‘God Is Watching You’

Disturbing’s probably a disservice to the artwork of Stijn De Pourcq from Belgium, who’s managed to take your run of the mill barbies and other dolls and concocted sculptures that straddle the line between beauty and darkness.

While it’s safe to say I’ve never wanted, or allowed, a doll into the house through genuine concerns they might come alive at any time and eat my soul, Stijn’s work belongs in all homes.

Stijn De Pourcq's 'Family'
Stijn De Pourcq’s ‘Family’

Well, maybe not all homes. But some. The ones where a diorama of dismembered barbies wouldn’t look out of place. You’ve got to admit, these look a hell of a lot cooler than Malibu Barbie’s Beach House (is that a thing? I’m maybe thikning of Charlie Sheen.)

Stijn De Pourcq's 'The Seven Deadly Sins'
Stijn De Pourcq’s ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’

From his ‘God Is Watching You’ piece, which features a familiar Madonna shrine you’d see scattered round Europe in sternum of a curly haired infant doll, to the amazingly detailed depiction of the seven deadly sins, Stijn De Pourcq belongs on the mantelpiece of any discerning lover of the macabre.

But that doesn’t mean they won’t eat your soul at night. They still will. But they’ll make it look real good, too.

Check out Stijn’s where you can find loads more doll sculptures, along with a lot of other work.

Find out more about Stijn De Pourcq’s work: WEB | INSTAGRAM


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