Valentine’s Horror: 10 Romantic As Hell Fright Flicks

Like the world’s worst boyfriend, I’ve arrived at Valentine’s late. Sadly, Deadpool was far too distracted so this had to wait. But here it is, like a bargain box of chocolates and an already wilting bouquet of flowers.

Regardless of date, these each of these films are a) brilliant films in their own right and b) not actually set in, on or around Valentine’s day so you can watch them any damn day you like.

So whether it’s Valentine’s (which it’s not), or you just want to romance your partner or favourite ghoul with a romantic as hell horror flick, take a look.

1. Honeymoon

If you and your partner are planning an idyllic future in the countryside, with nothing but nature and quiet around you, maybe don’t watch this. Because everything goes wrong. And not in a ‘he banged the postman’ way, but in a ‘get me a priest, some fire and maybe Bear Grylls’ kind of way. Rose Leslie’s performance is brilliant throughout and the ending, well, you’re unlikely to guess it.

Synopsis:Couple set out on the perfect life together. It doesn’t happen.

2. Life After Beth

If you find yourself turned away from the phrase’ zom-com’ Genuinely funny throughout, its unique take on human/zombie relationships combined with an outstanding performance from Aubrey Plaza made this stand out miles.

3. Spring

What Spring lacks in actual horror it makes up for in compelling story. For most of the film, you’re not too sure what you’re dealing with, whether it’s vampires, werewolves or some other kind of boogeymen. If you want to get soppy with style with your significant other, this is your stop.

Synopsis: Boy meets girl (?) in a foreign land. Are they doomed? Maybe.

4. Dark Summer

unrequited love

Plenty of bad things have been said about Dark Summer across the internet, but just ignore it, dive in and have a watch. It’s a tale of unrequited love gone even more wrong than it usually does and hinges on a similar theme of the house arrest (housebound, 110 Feet). There’s nice twists, dark endings and plenty of jumps. It’s not a perfect movie, but it’s not as bad as the critics say.

Synopsis: Stalker boy goes under house arrest. A haunting ensues.


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