Track of the Week #6 – Tellison ‘Tact Is Dead’

On the lighter side of loud, but lyrically impeccable, Tellison have been carving a melodic niche for themselves for a long while are certainly due their time in the sun. Maybe this is it? Hopefully. Continue reading “Track of the Week #6 – Tellison ‘Tact Is Dead’”

HD Quality Is Missing the Point

With the launch of several high profile hi-res music services, the debate surrounding 24-bit audio is spilling out of the realm of the audiophile into the mainstream. The argument surrounding whether or not people can hear the difference will smoulder until hell is blue and icy, but while it rages on it’s worth wondering whether the term quality is being pointed in the right direction. Continue reading “HD Quality Is Missing the Point”

Track of the Week #5 – Turbowolf ‘Rich Gift’

Bristolian psych-metalers Turbowolf launched their new track yesterday over on Noisey, offering another taste of things to come on their second album ‘Two Hands’, due April 6th on Search and Destroy. Been a fan of the band’s fuzzed-out rhythmic style since their Big Cut EP, and it’s great to see they’re continuing to push it forward. The new track ‘Rich gift’ sees them delve into … Continue reading Track of the Week #5 – Turbowolf ‘Rich Gift’

Track of the Week #4 – Torche ‘Minions’

Laidback, deep and fuzzy, the new track from Torche. Taken from their upcoming album ‘Restarter’ due Feb-23 on the ever reliable Relapse Records, ‘Minions’ is probably as chilled as it’s possible to be with this much drive, ideal for a Wednesday afternoon that’s looking far to far from Friday. As long as Relapse keeps providing me with fuzz, I’ll keep listening. On top of all … Continue reading Track of the Week #4 – Torche ‘Minions’

Track of the Week #3 – Lord Dying ‘A Wound Outside of Time’

This crushing new song from Portland’s sludgers, Lord Dying, is fast becoming the soundtrack to my week (not thematically, it’s just thick with an infectious doomy groove). Taken from their new album ‘Poisoned Altars’ due 26th January next year on Relapse Records. As a big fan of their debut, Summon the Faithless, this track’s already proving to be a good omen for what they have … Continue reading Track of the Week #3 – Lord Dying ‘A Wound Outside of Time’

Offspring ‘Smash’ 20 Years Old (Yesterday).

OK, I’m a day late to the party and I didn’t even buy streamers, but it’s just come to my attention that ‘Smash’, The Offspring’s classic third album was 20 years old yesterday. Not particularly exciting new in itself, plenty of things happened 20 years ago [insert one of the thousands of Cobain tributes here]. But, for me, ‘Smash’ was the definitive album that took … Continue reading Offspring ‘Smash’ 20 Years Old (Yesterday).