Track of the Week #14 – Heck ‘Good As Dead’

Noise boys Heck (formerly Baby Godzilla, until the copyright police came unnecessarily calling) have shown that talent doesn’t always have to take itself seriously in their new video for ‘Good As Dead’.

Taken from their brand new album ‘Instructions’, the song in an expert clusterfuck of math technicality, crushing hardcore riffing and furious screams that all comes together like a glorious sandwich of noise.

But music is one thing. The video, however, is something else completely. It’s a beautiful thing to watch. Standing somewhere between a vogue parody and interppretiave dance, it shows the Nottingham lads execute on trend choreography like absolute bosses. These guys have some moves you’ll envy all day.

It really shows that you can still be hardcore and have a sense of humour. The video even takes on a new dimension when muted. Yeah, I watched the entire thing through in silence. I’m just waiting for someone to overlay some Kraftwerk.

Basically, go watch it, with and without the sound. Both are great experiences.

And if you liked that, then make sure you catch them live. They’re heading out on tour soon – dates below.

If you just can’t get enough, you can even drink them. Not literally them, but their beer. Made in collaboration with Signature Brew, who also did the Mastodon beer among others, it probably tastes great. Who knows, I haven’t tried it yet.


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