Track of the Week #12 – Tigress ‘Lost’

for some reason the other night I decided it’d be a real good idea to have coffee around midnight. Luckily it meant I stayed up listening to Maximum Rocknroll Radio – great show if you’ve not heard its – where they spun this tune. Through the foggy, coffee haze, this song jumped out at me so I had to look it up.

After trawling through the internet I can’t find much about Tigress, other than the fact they have a bandcamp.

All I know is they’re from Chicago (thin crust pizza? no thanks, I’m from chicago), their vocalist is fierce, they’re not this much more chilled out band Tigress from Chelmsford and they look quite young. Oh, and they’re pretty awesome.

Whoever these guys are, their demo demonstrates some really raw, eotive hardcore channeling some impressive levels of rage. As this is just an early demo, hopefully there’ll be more of them to come.

If you like it, the EP’s available over on their Bandcamp for pay what you like.


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