Track of the Week #11 – Naðra (Nadra) ‘Fjallið’

The shitty weather makes it a lot easier to put on moody, intense black metal while you still waiting for your train in the morning.

There was a day last year, somewhere around the zenith of summer where it was unrealistically hot for London and I tried to listen to Electric Wizard’s ‘Black Mass’ (admittedly not black metal, but we’re talking atmosphere here). The sky was bluer than a Disney genie and it was hot enough cook a quick fish finger sandwich on the pavement. Everything about the experience felt wrong.

But as I say, the sun’s gone away for a bit now. So out comes the dark, moody, visceral music. Something Naðra (Nadra) are pretty incredible at.

The pace is often relentless, like a level of Dead Space, but it occasionally gives way to let you catch your breath.

Hailing from Iceland, these black metal merchants are on the same label as often lauded Misþyrming, though their sound is a little more traditional.

If you’re in need of something as powerful as the winds, then stick this on and pretend it is raining.

‘Fjallið’ is taken from their full debut album ‘Allir vegir til glötunar’ which Google Translate assures me means ‘all roads to destruction’. My handle of the Nordic languages is limited to a few words of Danish (one being for flip fop) and the chorus to this ridiculous grime track.

Though anyone who knows south London will appreciate the fact that Penge is Danish for money. Anyway, you can buy the full album over on Bandcamp.

They’re also live in London with several label mates on 18th April over at The Barfly, so head down to that.


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