Sinister Will Waste Your Life [review]

Runtime: 110 minutes. Amount of time spent festering over how that 110 minutes left me emptier than the Guardian Hashtag cafe: two days. WARNING: *Spoilers all the way through, combined with my first and only cinematic rant* Bad films are amazing. Without bad films we wouldn’t have Robocop or one of the 53 Puppet Master films. But they don’t lie to us. They come right … Continue reading Sinister Will Waste Your Life [review]

Rubber Rolls to Victory [review]

I owe this film so many apologies. When faced with a film based solely around the exploits of an inexplicably animated car tire you’d be wise to have bottom rung expectations. That’s exactly what I did, and I was wrong. If Keanu Reeves can carve a career out for himself, there was absolutely no reason to doubt Rubber’s titular ‘character’, as, without a word, it … Continue reading Rubber Rolls to Victory [review]