Henry Rollins @ The Barbican, London

A few weeks ago, I finally got to catch writer/actor/speaker/hardcore legend Henry Rollins live at one of his spoken word events – the first time since Download back in 2006 or so.

Without ceremony, Rollins steams on stage wielding the mic like a fist and hits you straight in the feels for three hours straight. Continue reading “Henry Rollins @ The Barbican, London”

Live Review: Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes @ The Borderline

Marking the release of their soon to chart debut album ‘Blossom’, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes crashed through London’s The Borderline last night like a truck. Frank Carter’s intimate return to stage was nothing less than explosive, received by the crowd with ferocious applause.

Continue reading “Live Review: Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes @ The Borderline”

Album Review – Dyscarnate ‘And So It Came To Pass’

I’ve lost count of how much work I’ve done to Dyscarnate, poking at keyboards to the solid brutality of their latest opus ‘And So It Came To Pass’. In a sea of deep-V toting deathcore moshpit clone nonsense riding in from the Atlantic, the band’s dedication to honest death metal is like finding a toy in the bottom of the cereal. Continue reading “Album Review – Dyscarnate ‘And So It Came To Pass’”

Sinister Will Waste Your Life [review]

Runtime: 110 minutes. Amount of time spent festering over how that 110 minutes left me emptier than the Guardian Hashtag cafe: two days. WARNING: *Spoilers all the way through, combined with my first and only cinematic rant* Bad films are amazing. Without bad films we wouldn’t have Robocop or one of the 53 Puppet Master films. But they don’t lie to us. They come right … Continue reading Sinister Will Waste Your Life [review]

Rubber Rolls to Victory [review]

I owe this film so many apologies. When faced with a film based solely around the exploits of an inexplicably animated car tire you’d be wise to have bottom rung expectations. That’s exactly what I did, and I was wrong. If Keanu Reeves can carve a career out for himself, there was absolutely no reason to doubt Rubber’s titular ‘character’, as, without a word, it … Continue reading Rubber Rolls to Victory [review]