Rubber Rolls to Victory [review]

Tire Vs. Police Car: The Ultimate Showdown
Tire Vs. Police Car: The Ultimate Showdown

I owe this film so many apologies. When faced with a film based solely around the exploits of an inexplicably animated car tire you’d be wise to have bottom rung expectations. That’s exactly what I did, and I was wrong.

If Keanu Reeves can carve a career out for himself, there was absolutely no reason to doubt Rubber’s titular ‘character’, as, without a word, it trundles through the world laying waste to everything and everyone it confronts.

Like any standard serial killer or mass murder, it begins with the small things. Killing a few animals as it mosies through the barren desert landscape. That is,, until it find people. It’s method of destruction is akin to something out of scanners, with the nameless antoagnist just staring at it’s prey until doom ensues. Being without eyes though, it’s unlikely it is actually staring, so it’s be more accurate to say it places itself infront of people/things and intensely “is” until the object of its destruction dies painfully.

Obviously it’d be hard to sit through 90 minute or o of this. Luckily there’s an audience watching with you in that post-modern way directors like to do things. These characters observe the doings of the tire from afar and enter their own brand of hijacks while they’re at it. I’d have been content with the tire, but they’re a comedic addition to proceedings.

Even from a perspective of curiosity, this is worth a look.