Artist Spotlight: Totem Skin

Totem Skin
Totem Skin

Dark, doomy and blisteringly hardcore at times, Sweden’s Totem Skin are a hidden nugget of brilliance lurking in the gloam of their own tunes.

Featuring a similar strained anguish and brutality that’s pounded out by the likes of Bastions and Dead Swans, Still Waters Run Deep is a powerful and sombre journey that offers serious pay-off. Especially when you come to the final track, the epically titled ‘Seasons Don’t Fear the Reaper, We Can Be Like They Are’ (below). Racking up over 12 minutes, the moody song works slowly with a taste of doom that runs throughout the album up to the a climax that includes a little treat for anyone that was a fan of Silent Hill. It’s hard to think of a film excerpt used to greater effect – because it hasn’t.

Music aside, the artwork deserves its own massive praise. This style has been getting more popular throughout sludge and hardcore acts and it will never get old.

Still Waters Run Deep is available over on Bandcamp, or on vinyl from their label. Give them money so they keep making this stuff.