Still the best / creepiest EPK.

Never Under-estimate Creepy Doll People
Never Under-estimate Creepy Doll People

Everyone’s putting out EPKs for their albums, books, films, cats and whatever else they have coming soon. Ranging from tedious and text based, to full out Hollywood dramatics, they range in effectiveness for teasing us into awaiting the final product. When it comes to albums, these often sit within the aforementioned tedious category – small snippets of the song, along with some cover art and maybe the artist smiling at nothing.

No one’s buying that. Luckily, John 5 (now of Rob Zombie) produced a prime example long ago for his 2007 solo “Devil Knows My Name”, demonstrating how to make one that makes your balls shrink in anticipation, not to mention being creepy as fuck.

Laced with occult imagery, spooky doll-faced ladies, deep red lighting and a lot of demonic guitar playing, it’s the b-movie horror of music PR.

If you know any other creepy album EPKs, get them out there.