New Music: In Evil Hour – ‘Paveway IV’

North East hardcore band, In Evil Hour, return with brand new track Paveway IV. Hands down one of the finest punk bands in the UK, In Evil Hour’s nailed a throbbing blend of aggression and melody. Check out the video below. You can pick up a digital copy from their Bandcamp page here. It’s pay what you want, so technically free, but give them some … Continue reading New Music: In Evil Hour – ‘Paveway IV’

Track of the Week #22 – Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes ‘Snake Eyes’

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes have been having a massive 2015/16, with the launch of their debut album ‘Blossom’, a sold out RSD 7″ and, most importantly, having torn up stages and festivals around the country. Led by former Gallows/Pure Love man, Frank Carter, the band’s consistently proven their ability to be a huge player on the UK hardcore scene. AT the same time, Frank … Continue reading Track of the Week #22 – Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes ‘Snake Eyes’

Track of the Week #14 – Heck ‘Good As Dead’

Noise boys Heck (formerly Baby Godzilla, until the copyright police came unnecessarily calling) have shown that talent doesn’t always have to take itself seriously in their new video for ‘Good As Dead’.

Taken from their brand new album ‘Instructions’, the song in an expert clusterfuck of math technicality, crushing hardcore riffing and furious screams that all comes together like a glorious sandwich of noise.
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St David’s Day Loud Welsh Playlist

In honour of the great land that is Wales on this, St David’s Day, here’s a little list of some awesome loud things that have been spawned left of the Severn. Obviously there’s the usual suspects who won’t feature here because either I don’t care about them, they’re not very good, or their lead singer is in prison for child abuse. So that rules out … Continue reading St David’s Day Loud Welsh Playlist

Artist Spotlight: Totem Skin

Dark, doomy and blisteringly hardcore at times, Sweden’s Totem Skin are a hidden nugget of brilliance lurking in the gloam of their own tunes. Featuring a similar strained anguish and brutality that’s pounded out by the likes of Bastions and Dead Swans, Still Waters Run Deep is a powerful and sombre journey that offers serious pay-off. Especially when you come to the final track, the … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Totem Skin

Artist Spotlight: Ithaca

Not many good things come from the suburbs of South London – just look at Bromley. Luckily Ithaca are holding the fort and doing everyone proud with their straight-up melodic hardcore laced with dissonant leads and enough vocal fury to cover two boroughs. Perfect for the first CBP Band of the Week. The aptly named ‘Grief’ instantly explodes with twinned guitars pounding alongside raw, strained … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Ithaca