Track of the Week #4 – Torche ‘Minions’

Laidback, deep and fuzzy, the new track from Torche.

Taken from their upcoming album ‘Restarter’ due Feb-23 on the ever reliable Relapse Records, ‘Minions’ is probably as chilled as it’s possible to be with this much drive, ideal for a Wednesday afternoon that’s looking far to far from Friday.

As long as Relapse keeps providing me with fuzz, I’ll keep listening.

On top of all the usual formats, it looks like ‘Restarter’ is also available on limited cassette, with only 100 units pressed, so don’t miss out on the chance to buy them and play them on that tape player you don’t own (says the guy who does own a tape player and yet no tapes).

Anyway, stop reading words and listen to the song already.


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