Valentine’s Horror: 10 Romantic As Hell Fright Flicks

5. Horns

Having never followed the Harry Potter series, my main experience with Daniel Radcliffe was Woman In Black. In Horns, he’s playing an entirely beast, and what a beast it is. The humour, flow of the story and Daniel’s mastery of the character made Horns unique and one of the best films on this list.

Synopsis: lad is unfarily accused of girlfriend’s murder, grows horns, fun follows.

6. Reanimator

If you’ve not seen Reanimator yet then, romance or not, get watching. Not that it’s at all romantic. There’s a few scenes that are the complete opposite. But not many guys have to fight their girlfriend’s psychotic zombiefied father. But the real viewing pleasure comes from the excellent, nervous energy delivered by Jeffery Combs.

Synopsis:Smart guy makes goo that brings things back to life. He should have made something else instead, because it all goes wrong.

7. Loved Ones

Down-Under’s been delivering some knock out horror lately, from New Zealand’s What We Do In The Shadows and housebound to Australia’s Wyrmwood Road. But Loved Ones has to be one of the finest. Special mention has to go to lead and antagonist, Robin McLeavy whose role is maniacal, humorous and unforgettable.

Synopsis: Girl gets boy by any means necessary.


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