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Valentine’s Horror: 10 Romantic As Hell Fright Flicks

Like the world’s worst boyfriend, I’ve arrived at Valentine’s late. Sadly, Deadpool was far too distracted so this had to wait. But here it is, like a bargain box of chocolates and an already wilting bouquet of flowers.

Regardless of date, these each of these films are a) brilliant films in their own right and b) not actually set in, on or around Valentine’s day so you can watch them any damn day you like.

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A European Horror: 11 Scary Movies From Across The Continent

This isn’t a place for politics, but let’s just start by saying the vote to leave sucked. It was stupid and shouldn’t have happened. But it has. Instead of focusing on the negatives though, let’s have a look at some of the awesome horror films Europe’s brought us over the years. From East to West, the continent brought us some of the scariest, weirdest and … Continue reading A European Horror: 11 Scary Movies From Across The Continent

Don’t Fear The Reaper: Why Is Death In Pop-Culture Rarely Scary?

After reviewing some of the screen’s best and creepiest clowns, I got thinking. Clowns shouldn’t be scary at all. On the face of it, they’re just some jump dressed up in bright colours, clunky shoes and make up. And yet many people cack their pants at the sight of them. But someone, or something, that should legitimately be scary is death. The faithful scythe wielding grim reaper.

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9 of the Most Killer Clowns on Screen

Everybody’s least favourite balloon shaping psychopaths, clowns, have been making a terrifying comeback in recent years. And with Rob Zombie’s 31 and Damien Leone’s full-length Terrifer imminent, things are only going to get better. Or worse, depending how much clowns scare you.

While to many, Stephen King’s Pennywise is always going to remain cinema’s number one big-shoed boogeyman, here’s some of the best, or most evil, clowns to disgrace the big and small screen.
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10 Things Horror Films Should Give Up For Lent

It’s Ash Wednesday and lent has officially commenced. Brace yourselves as your social media feeds become flooded with posts about how hard life is without chocolate, alcohol, puppies, crack or whatever it is various individuals have decided to give up.

After all, people need something to post about for the next month now that dry January is over.

One year I actually lented (is that the term?). It was horrible. It was a full on relentless lenting. I gave up crisps (chips, to those in the US). Fucking love crisps. Never forgiven lent for that.

Anyway, some people could really do with observing a good old lent. Horror movies for a start. I’m not saying they need to cut back on carbs or stop having a pint at the weekend, that’d be absurd – they’re not sentient entities and have no mouths. But there’s definitely a few things I think we’d all appreciate them giving up.
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