Blumhouse and John Carpenter To Make Beautiful Halloween Babies

When Blumhouse has good news, it’s really good news.

Though it was surprising for Scream Quietly not to be invited to the intimate press gathering at the production company’s office. After all, the entire readership LOVES Blumhouse films and both of them are huge John Carpenter fans.

Anyway, the news was good enough to eclipse that oversight.

In case you missed it, Blumhouse, the horror producers behind all sorts of wonders including Paranormal Activity, Oculus, The Purge, Jessabelle, The Gift, the list goes on…last night announced that slasher franchise Halloween will be entering their halls.

Not only that, but the Michael Myers creator, John Carpenter himself, will be at the helm. While it sounds like he won’t be directing, Blumhouse have said he is the “godfather” of the new film, and will be executive producing and creative consulting.

While the recent(ish) reboots from Rob Zombie had a definite charm, overlooking that business with the horse, it’s exciting to see what the master himself has in store for us.
Find out more about the announcement HERE.


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