Track of the Week #21 – Cocaine Piss ‘Cosmic Bullshit’

There’s a lot of energy pumping through this track, that speeds through its 75 second run-time at lightening pace.

In their bio, Belgian four-piece Cocaine Piss refer to themselves as ‘Glittershitstorm’, which actually accurately describes whats going on here in ‘Cosmic Bullshit’.

Opening with a fast travelling riff that does a few rounds, the tune kicks off like a runaway train as the vocals drop in, with frantic chants of “cosmis bullshit” bouncing off the thick bassline that pounds along throughout.

Taken from their upcoming debut album, it’s the band’s second single, due for release on 7″ (which you can buy here).

Find Cocaine Piss: FACEBOOK | BANDCAMP


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