Track of the Week #15 – Petrol Girls ‘Restless’

So I was introduced to this track over on Art Rocker Radio where London feminist hardcore act Petrol Girls did a session of four or so songs. The band was raw, emotive, full of anger and were obviously well versed in filling a room with some honest hardcore.

But what really made ‘Restless’ stand out was vocalist Liepa’s description of it:

“this next one’s about the female orgasm from the perspective of a werewolf that wants to burn down the houses of parliament and everybody inside.”

I was sold, instantly. Like any self-discerning music obsessive, I instantly bought the record (you can too, here –> Petrol Girls Bandcamp.

Incredible description aside, it’s an awesome song. Check it out.

It looks like they just did a show here in London with H2O which must have been amazing. And it looks liek the band’s now heading to Europe, so if you’re out there, lucky you.


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