Track of the Week #18 – Bog of the Infidel ‘Coils of the Noose’

Outside it’s raining harder than an Agoraphobic Nosebleed blastbeat. So hard, in fact, that water’s pouring in through the ceiling. So what better than some nice, relaxing black metal? Firstly, let’s play a game. It’s called “Try To Say Bog of the Infidel Isn’t An Awesome Name”. You failed, didn’t you? Because Bog of the Infidel is indisputably a nails name. So, well done on … Continue reading Track of the Week #18 – Bog of the Infidel ‘Coils of the Noose’

Track of the Week #11 – Naðra (Nadra) ‘Fjallið’

The shitty weather makes it a lot easier to put on moody, intense black metal while you still waiting for your train in the morning.

There was a day last year, somewhere around the zenith of summer where it was unrealistically hot for London and I tried to listen to Electric Wizard’s ‘Black Mass’ (admittedly not black metal, but we’re talking atmosphere here). The sky was bluer than a Disney genie and it was hot enough cook a quick fish finger sandwich on the pavement. Everything about the experience felt wrong.

But as I say, the sun’s gone away for a bit now. So out comes the dark, moody, visceral music. Something Naðra (Nadra) are pretty incredible at.
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