Winter Playlist Loud Enough to Melt Snow

I almost never wear trainers. Today, like king of fools, I did. Now my feet are freezing cold and I have a thousand things to blame and none of them are me. They’re mother-fudgin’ snowflakes.

Little more than the ostentatious cousin of rain, snow has decided to descend upon the very floor on which I need to walk. Inconsiderate, right? But instead of moaning about it, except for just then when I moaned about it, I thought I’d make a playlist of songs that thrive on the cold.

Turns out it’s difficult to find many snow/winter based songs that aren’t also destined for Christmas, and that’s long gone. Unsurprisingly, the bulk of wintery themed songs that remain are predominantly black metal—nothing wrong with that. Clearly they love a bit of snow; the shimmering white offsets the black pvc perfectly.

So, feet still cold, car still covered in the remnants of that arrogant rain, here’s a wintery playlist for the sake of it.

Perhaps some are a bit of a reach (Primal Concrete Sledge), but what can you do? You can listen to it, that’s what.


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