This Wolf Isn’t What It Seems: The Incredible Bodyart of Johannes Stötter

To paraphrase Twin Peak’s Log Lady: the wolves are not what they seem.

I’m not sure when body-painting became so advanced, but some of the stuff that’s been cropping up across Instagram and the wider web, there’s some really cool things being done with the humans and paint.

Enter Johannes Stötter and his wolf

Huge props to the three models who posed for the wolf. As someone who can’t pull any kind of pose without either laughing, falling over or looking like an escaped maniac, they made a convincing wolf.

But The Wolf is only one of the most recent pieces from the award-winning Italian artist and bodypainter.

Among his most famous creations is a tropical frog (made up of five painted-people), along with a chameleon, parrot and more.

Johannes Stötter's parrot bodypainting
Johannes Stötter’s parrot bodypainting

Johannes’ gallery is well worth a look. From trees and fruit to moss covered rock, he’s got a fascinating talent for transforming people into nature around them, making his chameleon creation completely apt.

Find out more about Johannes Stötter: WEB | FACEBOOK


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