UK Fans Prepare for 23 May – Preacher Is Coming To Amazon Prime

Live in the UK? Got Amazon Prime? Love Preacher? Get ready for the 23rd May (next Monday), because the long-awaited TV adaptation of legendary Vertigo graphic novel is coming to our screens to fill our eyes with, what’ll hopefully be’ all the glory.

If you do have Prime, head here and add the show to your list. There’s a trailer waiting to be watched ahead of the day.

Recently a four minute trailer was launched for the series, airing on AMC in the US, but for fans in the UK it was a small kick in the nads because it’s not be made available over here. Fans eagerly clicking to watch it were probably welcomed with this…

Well, fuck us then I guess.
Well, fuck us then I guess.

Obviously, a simple VPN will get around this, so feel free to check it out here.

Anyway, roll on Monday!


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