Rob Zombie VS Brutal Metal Idiots

As if to punctuate yesterday’s post on metal-douchebaggery, there was another moment a couple days ago where the br00tal metal overlords took to their keyboards. But this time they were brought down by the almighty Rob Zombie. 

In case you missed it, Rob Zombie posted a photo of him with members of Japanese band BABYMETAL. If you’ve never heard them, give it a go. They’re truly intense, like the sonic equivalent of ALL THE CAFFEINE.

Anyway, Rob posted this to Facebook

Once posted, some kind of Batsignal for elitist metal tools must have gone out, and they promptly responded with their opinions.

The problem (for them) is Rob Zombie has his own opinions and has no problem sharing them. And lucky for all the rest of us, his opinions are hilarious, and accurate. Here’s a few gems from the exchanges:

Undoubtedly, BABYMETAL do roll harder than the angry metal snob, because they’re probably doing something much better than posting snide bullshit on social media…like touring with Rob Zombie.

It’s really time this pointless metal one-up-manship just died already.

Shut up and listen.


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