Adam Wingard Returns with ‘The Woods’

Well this is a bit good. Horror phenomenon Adam Wingard has just released a teaser for his latest film ‘The Woods’.

Due 16th September (assume that’s the US date) on Lionsgate, the flick sets a group into (you guessed it) some woods and, if the trailer’s anything to judge by, their fun ends pretty sharpish. From there on, it’s a night of terror for the unlucky folk who clearly picked the wrong place to camp.

While there’s been plenty of camping-gone-wrong horrors before, it’s safe to assume Wingard’s will be both a terrifying and unique take on the situation.

You only have to look at his catalogue, from the beautifully executed shorts in V/H/S and V/H/S 2, to the horrifying Home Sick and, personal favourite, You’re Next. Adam is proving to be more than capable of executing a scare in all the right ways.

The teaser trailer really speaks for itself. It’s only short so there’s no point going into detail, just check it out below. But it does feature a suitably creepy rendition of ‘I’ll Be Watching You’, which may be a bit of a clue about the voyeuristic nature of the otherwise unseen (in the trailer) antagonist.


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