Track of the Week #17 – Skating Polly ‘Hey Sweet’

With their latest track ‘Hey Sweet’, sister duo Skating Polly unleash a raw punk ferocity that previous tracks hinted at.

Having first heard the Oklahoma pair, comprised of Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse, through their free Ugly Pop EP (available here) they demonstrated the ability to cruise between garage rock, alt-ballads, noise and more.

But when it comes to ‘Hey Sweet’ it’s all punk and anything but sweet. Through thick, fuzzed out guitars, they draw on an abrasive Kathleen Hanna-esque attitude that begs to be cranked up.

If you’re having a bad day, stick this on and push the volume past 12 o’clock.

Find Skating Polly: WEB | FACEBOOK | TWITTER


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