‘Rabid’ to get Soska Sister Remake

News of the average horror remake is often met with horror itself, or frequently, at best, apathy. But that’s the average remake. When it comes to David Cronenberg’s 1977 flick ‘Rabid’ it’s hard to imagine a better pairing than indie tour-de-force, The Soska Sisters.

In fact, it’s hard to recall a time where the horror community has met a remake with such furious applause.

It’s hardly surprising, considering the potential in Cronenberg’s underrated body horror for modernisation, combined with Jen and Sylvia Soska’s talent for visually stunning cinema, intense gore and effects, and uncompromising stories.

If you haven’t seen it, Rabid follows a lady who develops a bloodthirsty, vaginal/phallic growth in her armpit following surgery gone wrong. Feasting on unsuspecting victims, rabid virus is spread through the city.

Who could possibly depict such graphic surgical body horror better than the directors who created American Mary?

In addition, the original film’s themes of sex, death, female empowerment are hot topics today. And what better way to express them then within a manic, stunning zombie flick?


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